Saturday, April 24, 2010


A poor workman always blames his tools.
Failing that, he blames his surroundings, his environment.
Excuses, all of them.
There are many excuses to not write.
I don't have time for this.
I can't think of anything to say.
It's so loud in here I can't hear myself think.
It's too quiet in here.
That dripping faucet is driving me crazy.
My pen ran out of ink.
The pencil lead broke.
My laptop caught a virus.
My eyes are crossed from exhaustion.
My mind can't put words together any more.
My fingers can't type.
Brain shutting down.
How long until day 30?

Today's NaPoWriMo prompt is "find a phrase." We were directed to The Phrase Finder website to search for a phrase that rang true with us to write a poem around it. I chose the English proverb A poor workman always blames his tools. Seems appropriate for this stage of the writing month.

Day 24


Rallentanda said...

Only 6 more poems to go. Imagine if you had to do this for a year!

Anonymous said...

breathe deeply
oh, uncross your eyes first

Robin said...

Great job with this! I can easily relate to at least 5-6 of those excuses.

Surazeus Astarius said...

I have written one or two a day since 1 Jan 2009. Once you get the groove of it, writing every day is not so hard.

Heather said...

Rallentanda - Even though I complain about it in this poem, I will be slightly sad to see NaPoWriMo come to an end.

Briarcat - Yes, thank you, good advice, especially the part about uncrossing my eyes!

Robin - Thank you. I figure we've all used at least one of these excuses on multiple occasions!

Surazeus - Wow, that is outstanding commitment! You are a role model for me to look up to!