Wednesday, April 21, 2010

catching up

I will admit, I did not write a poem yesterday. It's the first day I have actually skipped writing during NaPoWriMo (although I did finish up a post I had been working on over on my nature blog, so all is not lost).

Here is some of the stuff that I wrote but did not post last week. Haikus were the best I could muster, and even some of those aren't exactly in 5-7-5 form.

sun drenched hillside
the golden light of evening
cool clean breezes blow


birds scratch at leaf litter
hip hop jump back and forth
looking for dinner


at the forest's edge
querulous nonsense chatter
marks his territory

Day 14

golden spring sunset
incomparable palette
sparkling blue sky

Day 15

big brown bird singing
repeat repeat two by two
hiding in plain sight
(any guesses on the identity of this bird?)

sound washes over
voices rise high in the sky
dawn song awakens

Day 16

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