Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Come to me for your healing -
I welcome you with open arms.
It will be simple and perfect,
a whisper of soul, of honest acceptance.
I will ground you in rock and stone,
and timeless purity.
Your ancient tears,
fragments of emotion,
will be respected.
Breathe the cool air, feel the release.
Touch the cool earth, feel the forgiveness.
You and your memories are home here,
in the calm silence of bliss.
Oh, structure of flesh and bone,
you are sacred and special.
You were made in harmony with the ancients.
I know you.
I accept you.
I love you.
Be at peace.

Today's prompt asked us to "converse with images." We were to pick an image (or images, in my case) of our liking and have a conversation with it. What would the picture say? Why is it meaningful to me? What does it make me feel or remember? What kind of mood does it invoke? As answers to these questions started to come, we were encouraged to jot down words freely and randomly, and then try to connect the dots, so to speak.
These particular images are from my own collection, and they were taken in a location that is very special and sacred to me. When I started this piece, it had a completely different tone, a different voice, a different point. The first draft was written directly in verse, and I thought it was the story the pictures wanted me to tell, but it wasn't working and I knew it. So I scrapped the first version and starting making a list of words, just as instructed in the prompt. What a miracle that was! Emotions worked their way into it, and I came up with something much more true to what the images mean to me. This has definitely been the most difficult prompt for me yet, and certainly the most rewarding.

Day 6


KaHolly said...

Oh, yes!!! I feel this deeply. It was a pleasure to open this first thing in the morning, a perfect vehicle to begin my day, second only to stepping out the door before the dawn to see the stars and listen to the peepers! Very nice, Heather. ~karen

Heather said...

Karen - Thank you so much. I'm honored that you feel a connection to these words.