Thursday, April 1, 2010


The setting sun always brings a
symphony of some sort.
I sit in silence,
listening for the subtle sounds of the first notes.

Tonight's was an intimate concert where
the centerpiece was the crepuscular chanting of cardinals-
the issuing forth of chips and chatter,
the fluttering flourish of heavy wing beats,
the crisp crunch of seeds being husked.

A scuffle and skirmish of males showing off,
the silence of females observing.

I am blessed to bear witness to their rituals.

Day 1


Ginnymo said...

Very nice Heather!! I like it very much!

Heather said...

Thanks very much, Ginny!

James said...

I love the image of the silent females watching.

It is a blessing to witness nature. You capture it nicely.

Heather said...

James - Thanks for your comments. Makes you wonder: are the females impressed, or are they laughing inside?