Monday, April 12, 2010

Floral delights

Elvin, dwarfish, itty-bitty, wee -
these are some words used to describe thee.
Tiny flowers, close to the ground,
so hard to see unless I really look around.
Ivy, violet, just to name a few,
Each day another one springs up anew.
Striped ones, white ones, purple ones, too -
for something so small you really give a view!
A being so bold but that doesn't make a sound
makes it more special to know that I have found
a dainty thing so wonderful and free
a beauty that I wish everyone could see.

What happens when it's 9:00 at night, the prompt for the day didn't really spark anything for ya, but you've got the need to make something with a sing-song sound? Drop back and punt and write about whatever is dominant in your mind. In my case, I've been photographing spring wildflowers quite a bit lately, which provided the inspiration for this rhyming little ditty. The structure is not as solid as I would like (I was originally aiming for heroic couplets, but that proved to be a bit much), but it's better than coming up empty-handed!

Day 12


James said...

I enjoyed this one. It does have that singsong feel. I know the feeling of not being satisfied though. I think that's a product of the don't-look-back pace of napowrimo. I suspect I'll be doing a lot of revision next month. :)

Meg said...

This one reminds me of some of the late 19th century women poets. It has a Victorian sensibility to me. I could see it illustrated.
And James' comment about revision made me realize--what a lot of material you'll have when this napowrimo is over! So many jewels to polish up just so...or leave shine as they are.

Heather said...

James - Thanks. I'm glad the singsong aspect came through. With this being my first real stab at honest-to-goodness poetry writing in years, I will admit that the whole process of revision sounds daunting! I'm sure some will call for my attention, but most will probably be left as-is.

Meg - Hmmm, interesting vibe you picked up from this one. I never would have imagined a Victorian sense to it. I do feel that this piece could be made to flow a little better (it doesn't all roll off the tongue the way I would like), but whether I'll actually revisit it and polish it... that remains to be seen!